Bee Kind Subscription Box Reveal

Our highly anticipated April box is finally here and it is bursting to the rim with exciting bee-friendly products for you to try! Join us as we celebrate the five amazing small businesses doing their part to protect our bees *spoilers

BY Jack Berry ®


If you’re a blog regular, you would have read in horror as I recently discussed the many ways in which bees are exploited within the honey farming industry and hopefully you will agree that honey is definitely not a vegan product – no further debate needed as far as I am concerned. If you missed the blog then please do have a read here ‘Why isn’t honey vegan?’. .

But do not fear! No-Bee Vegan Honey is here and it not only has my stamp of approval but also the official Vegan Society stamp to boot! I’ve thoroughly tested this honey alternative and can safely say its sticky, its runny, it’s absolutely delicious! I mean, just look at that incredible honey drip above, could it get any better?

No-Bee® Vegan Honey is made by Jack Berry using flower scents and esters. The team worked hard to not only replicate the taste of honey but also the smell and liquidity without the exploitation of bees. Made by humans, for humans. It wouldn’t be a Spring bee-friendly vegan subscription box without a vegan honey.

By Pink Door Baking Co


Another treat to be drooled over this month comes in the form of these delicious hand iced sugar cookies by Pink Door Baking Co. Each of these delectable moments of naughty sugar goodness are beautifully hand crafted with incredible skill. The scene depicted reminds us of not only the wonderful colours of spring, but of all the hard work our honey bees do each and every day.

The cookies are absolutely delicious, using an all-vegan recipe and are a real treat! I defy anyone to make these last longer than a weekend!

By OnlyVgan


Speaking of beautiful artistic value, have a look at this lovely little bee pocket mirror by OnlyVgan. A wonderful edition to your purse making it the most practical inclusion in this months Vegan Subscription Box. Not only is this pocket watch, beautiful to look at it also helps animals directly through the incredible work OnlVgan do. OnlyVgan is a fundraising business which was created to support the Horse and Farm Animal Sanctuary in Wales. Lisa, the owner (and her wonderful volunteers) do incredible fundraising throughout the year to support the animal sanctuary including regular auctions and all the money raised through OnlyVgan goes to the Sanctuary directly to help the horses, cows, sheep, pigs, birds and other animals they rescue. I would love to volunteer my time but sadly I am too far but I was so happy to be able to support the charity by including them in this months Subscription Box and I invite you to check out their website for more details. Horse and Farm animal sanctuary | Helping to Protect Defenceless Animals

By Bee Wild Seed Bomb


In my recent post about Industrial Honey Farming and Why Honey isn’t vegan , I discussed how you could help the bees out home by creating your own wildflower garden. Included in this months vegan subscription box, you will find a lovely little pouch of seedbombs by Bee Wild SeedBomb. Each pouch contains 24 species of native flower seeds from the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ list. These seedbombs require no gardening and are perfectly suited to any size garden (even pots on the balcony). Designed to help not only bees but also butterflies and other pollinating insects this summer by creating a diverse environment and range of food.

I also think that the lovely pouch these seedbombs come in would make a wonderful reusable gift or holder for small items around the home.

By Btrfly Candles

Giving of the coconut-y citrus scents one would expect from Montego Bay; these coconut and rapeseed candles by Btrfly will have you dreaming of white sands and warm oceans. Beeswax is a very popular ingredient in the candle market, but as we all know – beeswax is not vegan! Here Btrfly have used a blend of coconut and rapeseed as an alternative giving the most silky smooth melt. These candles also have a hemp wick making them entirely vegan and are completely plastic free. The fragrance comes from the use of natural essential oils, filling your home with the beautiful warm smell of a tropical Jamaican Island with a blend of lime, coconut, vanilla and mandarin.

The Btrfly logo also reminds us of the butterflies who do an incredible job helping to pollinate our flowers along with the bees and other pollinators.


So that concludes my summary of the incredible five small businesses featured in this months Vegan Subscription Box celebrating the bees! Which one is your favourite? I think it’s too hard to call!

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about the important work our honeybees do for us and the environment then please take a read through our latest blog post here.

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