Bee Kind Box

April 2023

Spring is here! This month we are celebrating the amazing bees with a box full of product that are kind to them. Bees are not only beautiful creatures but they play a key role in maintaining the balance and diversity of our eco-systems and, as pollinators, we rely on them for a lot of the food we eat but sadly they are in danger. This box includes some products that help celebrate the bees and all the spring beauty and also amazing alternatives to products traditionally made with ingredients from bees. I hope you enjoy it! x

What's inside the box?

  • No-bee Vegan Honee @no_bee_vegan_honee. Delicious vegan alternative to honey, you won’t believe how good it is! 
  • 3x Bumble Bee Biscuits by @pinkdoorbakingco. Decorated by hand, these biscuits are a delicious little piece of art! 
  • Coconut & Rapeseed wax Candle by @btrflycandles. Here to show that there are great eco alternative candles in the market. These have a lovely citrus scent perfect for spring. W
  • Wild flower Seedbombs by @beewildseedbombs. Help the bees by planting some lovely flowers! These little bombs contain seeds for all the bees’ favourite flowers! 
  • Bee Pocket Mirror by Only Vegan @horsefarmanimalsanctuary.  These are not only beautiful but they support this animal charity directly!
  • The fabulous bee eco-friendly tape is from @cardsandgiftwrap.
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